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Demorô was an application that I started developing during the CSCW and Advanced Database subjects in my PhD in Systems and Computer Engineering at COPPE at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

The first version was a prototype developed with PHP, Jquery Mobile, and MongoDB.

After validating the prototype, sprints began to develop a more elaborate version built with Ionic, a multiplatform framework that allows the development of mobile applications compatible with iOS and Android. The backend infrastructure was created using the PHP Symfony framework and MongoDB and was hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). My thanks to Filipe Oliveira, who was fundamental to this project.

The application was developed with a simple flow for recording appointment waiting time. On the main screen, there was a stopwatch that allowed time monitoring or manual recording. The user then informed the waiting location. The user could search for locations on Google Maps or register a location that did not yet exist. The location search mixed results obtained from Google Maps and locations already registered in the application.
After choosing the location, the application made an inference of possible queues depending on the metadata of the selected location. For example, in the case of a gas station, queues for gas, alcohol/petrol or diesel could be suggested, in the case of hospitals it could be a queue for an emergency or a queue for consultation for a specific specialty. Queue inference was made using its ontology. The user could select an existing queue or create a new one.
Finally, the application also addressed gamification and engagement strategies, monitoring user contributions and granting titles to users most committed to a given location.