Access and Collaboration Network (RAC) at SERPRO

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This project was idealized by Mr. Ednylton Franzosi, an illustrious coordinator of our team, for years, and we were happy to have him as the leader.
SERPRO has since 1964 been a vital public company for the Brazilian Federal Government, especially in the country’s structuring of information systems. Due to this strategy and the importance of the systems operated by SERPRO, a meticulous system implementation process ended up being developed, which, in many situations, left essential stakeholders unserved.
With this vision, we developed an ecosystem in the company that was the embryo of the Brazilian government’s first public cloud.
My mission in this project was to design processes and a technological architecture that had the support of all participants involved.
Without a doubt, the most significant challenges were not the technological ones but rather the interpersonal ones, as my mission was to convince dozens of people from cybersecurity, computer networks, data centers, and databases, among other teams, that this new way of internalizing systems was safe and viable.

As a result of this work, dozens of systems were internalized, and they played an essential role in managing public policies administered by the Brazilian federal government. The internalization of each of these systems comprised a series of steps such as service pricing, technical documentation (installation and update manuals), tests to verify security vulnerabilities, meetings with the security committee to approve the connectivity matrix, sessions with experts to install the system in development, approval, and production environments, creation of monitoring routines, among others.

This process reconciled the parties’ demands, achieving extremely relevant progress in the success and agility of system implementation, bringing important revenue to the organization. Among the systems that were internalized following this methodology, we can highlight, to name a few:

  • Agenda of Commitments of the Federal Government with Municipalities (Sustainable Development Goals – United Nations)
  • Standard Satisfaction Survey Instrument
  • Government News Portal (eIPPS)
  • Indicator Management Platform (PGI)
  • Public Data Visualization (Vispublica)
  • Integrated Budget and Planning System (SIOP)
  • Brazilian Open Data Portal
  • Federal Government Search Engines
  • Federal Government Prulianual Plan (PPA)
  • Integrated Protocol of Federal Administration bases (Protocol)
  • Information Management System for Growth Acceleration Program (SGI-PAC)
  • Information Management System for Brazil without Poverty (SGI-BSM)
  • Federative Dialogues Blog
  • Labor Relations System in the Federal Public Service
  • Government Procurement API
  • Data cleaning and enrichment of the national catalog of SIASG products and services
  • Federal Government Process Catalog
  • Reference Base for Information and Knowledge in Services (BRICS)
  • RAC Observatory
  • Infrastructure as Services – SERPRO
  • RAC Code Repositories
  • Project and Demand Management (Redmine)