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On that occasion, I had the privilege of joining the development team of the Organizational Knowledge Management Center (CGCO) at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora.

The CGCO, despite its long name, was the UFJF’s organization responsible for centralizing the University’s IT demands. In this organization, UFJF’s systems were developed and hosted.

I joined this team through a competitive selection process, where around 300 candidates competed for 10 vacancies. I had a good performance in the interviews due to my already successful previous experiences. I was privileged to make great friends and learn a lot during my time at CGCO.

In the development activities we use PHP and the MIOLO Framework, a framework that began to be developed by UNIVATES (Integrated Unit of Higher Education Vale do Taquari) and later started to have the support of UFJF (Federal University of Juiz de Fora). This framework was developed based on PHP and JavaScript languages, using OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concepts.

My initial role was through meeting demands for corrective and evolutionary maintenance in the Human Resources Management module (SIGRH). However, after a while I also started to work on some demands for the evolution of the framework, in which the following stand out:

  • dynamic creation of reports through the automatic generation of JRXML code (Jaspersoft iReport) through metadata entered by the user and through information extracted from the ORM persistence mechanism;
  • external execution of the JRXML compiler to generate PDF, CSV documents, among others.

The CGCO was very important for me, where I was able to mature as a professional and experience the work rhythm of a software house for the first time.

SIGA’ s screenshot extracted in 2008
SIGA login page