Methodist Church in Três Rios website at IMCTR

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Among my first memories with Web development, I certainly cherish my first sites hosted on HPG (Free Home Page) and also on Through these providers, I hosted pages that I built as a learning experience. I remember that between the years 2002 and 2004 an exercise that I pursued several times was the construction of a website for the Central Methodist Church in Três Rios.

During this process, I developed some versions that ended up not becoming the official page of this institution, but which were very important for my learning. Unfortunately, I don’t have archived images of these versions, but I still have some images of the website’s banners and animations in my memory.

Finally in 2005, I developed a version that was embraced by the local administration and ended up becoming the official website of this institution. That has a special place in my heart.

Next, I’m going to share an image that I was able to extract from an old backup. Unfortunately it is not an image of a complete version of the site, but you can get an idea of ​​the project.